Hope for Ohio and our Nation.

Ohio has introduced a new bill to ban abortion – by recognizing that babies are “Human Beings” from the moment of conception.

You can read about the bill here.

Why is this bill so important in the fight for life?

Under current law, unborn babies are deemed “property,” and therefore the mother may decide to keep her unborn baby, or not.

The 14th Amendment, Section 1 begins “All persons born, or naturalized in the United States,…,” wording which attorneys of Norma MCorvey (protected as Jane Roe) used in the decision of Roe v Wade. Roe argued that since a child in the womb was not “born,” it had no constitutional rights.

The Aftermath.

Abortions have hurt women in countless ways. Abortion activists promise women freedom. The hard truth is that most women who have had abortions suffer regret and pain, whether psychologically or physiologically.

Millions of people have been affected by abortion, especially within the church. Many stay silent, and many still experience grief from an abortion performed years ago, even decades ago.

We are witnessing a shift taking place.

As a result, more people are awakening and becoming vocal about the right to life for the unborn. The legal climate is such that, if Ohio gains ground with this bill, many other states will follow suit. If not, we pray the Supreme Court deems an unborn child as a “person,” rather than property, and overturns Roe v Wade.

Please continue to pray for Ohio, and these bills that continue to come forth. The legal landscape is very important, and it is vital that we watch as bills and legislation take place so we may know how to pray for our nation.

God is moving and our prayers are making an impact! We invite you to come join us and take part in watching with us and praying for our great Nation.

The Prayer Call for Life is every 3rd Tuesday at 7p, PST, for one hour. The Telephone number is 605-475-3250.  Then it will ask you for CODE: 988669#. Please join us!

We at Life Teams International pray as watchmen (and women) on the wall, analyzing the changes in the fight for life. We are so excited to see overwhelming changes in our American system becoming more in favor of life- whether it’s in the family, arts & entertainment, politically, legally, etc. Revival is truly coming to the hearts of the people.

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We thank God for You and your support, and pray that God blesses you!

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