Unveiling TRUTH with love & compassion

Many women and men are in need of inner healing over the sacrifice of their children to the abortion industry.   Life Teams International is a great resource for ministering to the concerns that affect a decision to consider abortion. I believe that many women who abort are either coerced or feel hopeless. Women are designed to be nurturers and the pain of that loss is life long. They need to be awakened and ministered to with love, mercy and compassion.

Too many fathers/family members have not stood with them as they should have at that most critical time of need, love and support. Many of these women have been abandoned. There are multitudes of men and women and families suffering unhealed pain the over the loss of 60,000,000+ babies that have been sacrificed since Roe V Wade. Life Teams International wants to minister to that pain with love and compassion.  We seek to provide resources of support to those in need to help them to carry their babies to birth. Support is available!!  It comes in many forms. Nothing is impossible with God!!  Nothing!!

There are multitudes of families who are challenged in their journey  to adopt children.  They are having to endure lengthy waits for children to adopt and required to pay outrageous amounts of money for the adoption process as a result of the shortage of babies available for adoption.

Many women did not know what their choices were when they aborted their babies and have been deceived and became victims of a diabolical lie. Multitudes are still in need of inner healing and have been suffering lifelong pain.

The masses need to be awakened to the truth in order to save these precious ones from this travesty.  The laws that allow lives to be stolen, killed and destroyed must be reversed. 

Multitudes of post-abortive women and men need Love and Mercy and to be awakened to receive the fullness of healing that Jesus provides.  They need to know that Jesus died for all who nailed him to the cross… including the victims and the perpetrators of the abortion lies. He died so that we can be free from our sin/errors.  He offers forgiveness to each precious one who asks Jesus into their heart and asks Him for forgiveness. He is FAITHFUL to do exactly that.

 Lord Jesus, I pray for salvation and healing for all who have been robbed and deceived by the abortion industry.  Release them from the pain and deception that led them to that decision.   Let the Great Awakening for Life be released to the masses!!  Let ADOPTION become the prevalent word/action over and above that of abortion!  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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In His Grace,
Donna Hendon
Life Teams International