Pastors Henry & Grace Falany on Abortion and Adoption

April 22, 2020
Hello friends,
Grace & I are unwavering pro-lifers and we were asked to do a short video on our reason for our stand against abortion. Grace & I went through quite an ordeal many years ago when we found out that we couldn’t have our own children. So get your hankies out and watch as Grace opens her heart on our adoption experience.
Three great reasons to be pro-life! Bernadette, Maria, & Travis – Our three babies! CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO     And then there were more!

Now we speak pro-life over the United States Supreme Court Judges! We speak, or decree, that same spirit to sweep across America – from sea-to-shining-sea! We speak to the mountain of abortion “to be thou removed and cast into the sea!”  AMEN!!!  
Big Love & Happy Trails!  

Henry & Grace Falany
Pastors and Author of God, Gold and Glory

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