A Hidden Grief

By Melissa Sahaj

I had to bring my daughter into the E.R. that day, since she had a throbbing headache. “It’s a nice day out. Too bad we have to spend it at the E.R.,” I thought.

After checking Michelle in, we sat for a while, probably about 30 min. Then an older woman, who looked like she was in her 70’s sat next to me. It was interesting she chose to sit next to me, since there were lots of other open seats around throughout the waiting area.

I could sense something about her that was different and special. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Perhaps she was an angel? I quietly asked the Lord about this, since He’d given me discernment before. As I waited on an answer, suddenly, this woman began to speak to me.

“I’m serious. I think that the hospitals are not as safe as people think they are. I don’t see anyone washing their hands like they need to. I think I got sick one time because they didn’t wash their hands. It was an infection…” As she complained, I soon realized… she was not an angel. However, there was something about her, very important.

I reassured her that the hospital staff continuously sanitize their hands with anti-bacterial gel, as they came and went into different rooms, as I’d noticed. I had confidence, yet she continued to tell me it wasn’t enough.

I continued to nod my head, as I realized this woman was set in her thoughts toward the hospital. But as I continued to listen, her talking progressed into a story about her life. Soon, I realized that my encounter with her was a divine appointment, and that the Lord intended that I cross paths with this woman, on this day, at this time.

“My husband killed himself last year. He didn’t like anyone to take care of him as he aged, and he wasn’t going to have any of it. So he just walked out to the curb and shot himself in the head. There was nothing I could do to help him.” She said with tears in her eyes. “Now I don’t have anyone. After he came back from the war, we couldn’t have any children because of a shrapnel wound to his body. He was sterile.”

Do you ever get the sense that someone is pouring out to you because they need to release it? Not so much so you can hear their story, but more so they can heal from disclosing it?

That’s how I felt that day.

She continued to tell me that she lived with her niece, but I could tell that she was not extremely close with her. Her niece was not like a daughter. I could hear the pain in her voice. I continued to look into her eyes as she spoke. Michelle kept to herself as she remained quiet.

“So I’m all alone.” She finished.

My heart went out to her. I wanted to reach into myself and give her something that would heal her wounds. But, I felt a pause inside of myself. Don’t say anything… I felt a prompting: Just listen to her.

I stayed quiet as I just listened.

“Michelle?” The nurse came out of the check-in room to ask us further questions about Michelle. I looked to the older woman and told her it was nice to meet her as I took Michelle.

After we came back from the Nurse’s check-in, I saw that our spot was taken by someone else. We had to find another set of seats.

As I sat in a different part of the waiting room, I saw the old woman got up, walked around and had a smile on her face as she spoke with the receptionist and other people.

I was relieved. She didn’t need a prayer at that moment. She received something so much greater: an ear that would listen. I felt like she hadn’t had that in a very long time.

As I reflected on her pain, it hit me that many, many individuals are in this same state where they need recovery from trauma, especially the trauma of losing a loved one. She wanted children and now she is alone.

There are so many people walking around on this earth, in need. In need of recovery from loss… whether it’s a loved one or even the inability to have children.

I was very blessed to meet this woman. I was never able to get her name.

If I would have had one or two more minutes, I most certainly would have. I would have given her my information. But the ear I lent her that day was a wonderful gift that I’m sure she will cherish, and I’ll always remember that the Lord, in all His wisdom, sent her my way. She had a purpose in my life as well and now I have a greater empathy toward elders.

What a divine setup.

And turns out my discernment was right about her. She is special and important. The Lord has a plan for this woman, and part of it is to free her from her grief.

Grief can be a tricky thing because there can be no expiration date for it. If we are not careful, we can lose our lives to it. Many people rely on grief.

Continuing in Grief cannot heal you of your loss- Only the Lord Jesus Christ can.

As I pray for this woman, my prayer is the same for those of you who have experienced loss as well: That you have an encounter with the God of Love and experience a true relationship with Him. That you don’t let the old in your life block out the new.

And here’s what God wants you to know: If you’ve experienced loss. If you’re burying something deep and don’t think anyone knows, or cares, know that the Lord knows everything going on inside of you- and that He cares deeply.

He knows of every tragedy.

He remembers every tear.

God is with you… even though you may not feel it.

He knows who you are and He will always be with you.

At Life Teams International, we are praying for healing and recovery of people who have experienced reproductive loss inside and out of the Church. Please contact us if you’d like to have prayer in this area: contact@lifeTeamsInternational.org

Writing Credit: Melissa Sahaj.